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Product Care

Care instructions for our tableware

We work hard to select top quality, robust products. Our tableware is (unless otherwise stated) microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, with just a few stipulations:

  • Do not place over direct heat
  • Do not place in an oven heated to over 150C
  • Do not ʻshockʼ tableware by moving direct from freezer to oven (unless otherwise specified on product directions for use)
  • To remove any marks left by cutlery, we suggest using a non-abrasive cream-based cleanser
  • Products with ʻcrackleʼ type glazing or metallic glazing, should not be used in microwaves; these warnings should be included in the item description (i.e. 'NOT for microwave useʼ)

For care of 'Crackle' or dry glazes please see below

All of our tableware products meet Australian standards for food use.

  1. Do not use in a microwave. Heat generated in the microwave can open the cracks (“Kannyu”) of the glaze – making the product vulnerable to food/oil stains and bacteria

  2. After use, wash product in warm water with detergent and dry well; ‘Crackle’ glazes are fragile and therefore not recommended for use in the dishwasher

  3. Avoid soaking in water - mold may appear on the product due to excessive water absorption

  4. If stains appear on the product, please try a mild kitchen bleach to remove them


Please contact us if you have any enquiries in-regards to our products.

Lead Content

The kilns and ceramicists we buy from avoid using lead in their glazes. We also tend not to import highly decorative or intense glazes—in particular bright reds (known for a higher lead content). 

Over the years, there has been intermittent testing of our products by AQIS to check for lead cadmium levels—there has never been any detected and we have been able to continue importing from Japan with signed declarations that state our products comply with lead cadmium permissible levels in Australia.

We are confident you can use our products with no concern that we comply with the standard safety rate of 90 parts per million (ppm) / leachable amounts of lead.

You can find more information on lead content in ceramics and crockery here.

Images from Sakuzan