Table Setting, Sake Tasting Night. Enrico Dela Rosa, 2017.

Sake much like most Japanese phenomena is not simple; in its flavour nor manufacturing process. Brewing sake is in fact one of the world’s most complex processes. 

Every single element is painstakingly crafted to the nth degree to tease out subtle nuances and maintain consistency. When you taste a sake you are tasting the labour of every single person present in the brewing process from the Toji – brewing master – to the Oi-Mawashi – chore master. So it was fitting that the level of commitment and spirit of collaboration that went into our Sake Tasting Night was matched to those who toiled over steaming rice in the sake breweries of Japan.

Tasting, Sake Tasting Night. Enrico Dela Rosa, 2017.

Trevor’s passion for all kinds of Japanese craft could be felt around the dining room as he described each sake with such a high level of excitement. He explained the importance of what type of vessel one chooses to enjoy their sake from and what that might say about their personality. A handful of lucky guests were also offered the experience of drinking from some his most prized possessions including an oribe cup dating back to the Edo Period (17th Century). Having access to Trevor’s plethora of knowledge on sake and Japanese culture wasn’t missed by diners with thoughtful questions flying back and forth all night. The spirit of collaboration between Trevor and the chefs was evident in every single pairing.

Joseph Farrell & John Rivera, Sake Tasting Night. Enrico Dela Rosa, 2017.

 It was clear that the same level of care and commitment that it took to make the sake had also been taken by chef Joseph and chef John in creating the food for the evening. Dishes such as the Northern-Queensland prawn with green rice and edamame presented on the Aurora Shallow Bowl worked perfectly. The sweetness of the prawn brought out the apricot and melon aromas in the Hanzo Kaminoho Junmai sake beautifully with the crunchy puffed green rice adding an exciting texture. As mentioned by John on the night, young chef’s don’t often get the opportunity to cook the food that they want. More often they are working 80+ hours in kitchens making someone else’s food. Being given the chance to create their own food for a group of people is rare so when the opportunity comes around it calls for something particularly special.

Prawn, Green Rice & Edamame Sake Tasting Night.  Enrico Dela Rosa, 2017.

 The Sake Tasting Night was the first of its kind for Made In Japan, we had a great time and we’re already looking forward to the next one. We also want to take this opportunity to thank;

The diners, the sake brewers, Trevor Fleming, Chef Joseph Farrell, Chef John Rivera, Photographer Enrico Dela Rosa, Wynyard Cafe, Chef's Armoury, European Wine Store & the hard working Made In Japan staff.

Without these people the night wouldn’t have been possible let alone such a great success.


 Featured Tableware:

9. Black & White Pourer [South Melbourne]
10. Meteor Wide Rim Bowl [South Melbourne]